Sunday Worship Service 10:00am

We will use safe health practices during our in church worship service.



Please click on the "Devotions" tab to view written and recorded devotio


If you do not wish to come to indoor worship; here are some things you can do during time:

  • Read your favorite Bible passages
  • Pick one of the Gospels and read a chapter a day
  • Sing your favorite hymns {like you're singing in the shower with nobody listening}
  • Pick a different Psalm and read one each day
  • Search the Scriptures and find some new favorite Bible passages -- You can read it more than once
  • Pick five members from the directory and pray for them each day (My family and I are not listed in there but pray for us too)

And remember, "Do not be anxious about anything, but in all things, by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, present our requests to God." Philippians4:6


St. Matthew's Lutheran Church is not a building but the people who pray to God, praise him, and trust in his word and grace.  Hopefully we will be back on an even keel and I will see you on Palm Sunday.


If you have questions or concerns call (320)562-2647


Stay in Jesus' Peace,

Rev. Aaron Albrecht

Sunday 10/04/20