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So, I know it is hard to predict what the future will hold, but we will still keep in mind our date for our Annual Fall Festival!  September 20, 2020.

May Council Mintues


In attendance:  Pastor Aaron,  Rick Schuft, Dale and Emilie Wildey, Norine Roepke, Randy Diepold, Jessica Albrecht, Martin Jaus, Lori Loomis via cell phone.  Absent Doug Proehl. 

Pastor opened with devotions from “What Luther said”:  What not to worry…

Pastor’s Report:  

  1. March meeting at Christ the King. 

  2. Visitations:  Saw Marcene and Rita

  3. Had phone visit Jennifer is unsure of a memorial service for her mom.   Suggestion:   We have our own memorial service for Rita on one of the last Sunday’s of the month when we have our fellowship after church and invite Rita’s family.   

Secretary’s Report:  Read and approved. 

Treasurer Report:                 March April

Total income:  $3030.00 Total income:  $  435.00

Expenses:        $3779.00 Expenses:        $2271.20

Net:                  ($779.00) Net:                ($1836.20)

        Overall bank balance:  $24,343.00         Overall bank balance: $23,719.20

        Report approved as presented.

Deacons Report:  

  1. The total collected for McLeod County was $700 which includes $500 from our St. Matthew’s treasury.  And for Sibley County, the total was $610 which also includes $250 from our  St. Matthew’s treasury.   

  2. Thanks to deaconess Jessica for helping with the recorded messages for website and Facebook.


Trustees Report:  

  1. Gravel for parking lot, Martin will coordinate with Jim to have spread.  

  2. Rick:  Roof at parsonage not leaking yet. 

  3. Dale:  Tuck-pointing: the church, overall, looks good but the foundation (the corners specifically) could use a little work, which can be done by the trustees;  Small Business Assoc (SBA) loans: non-profits may also apply for a loan of which the first $10K, or a $10K request, would not have to be repaid; council, however, agreed not to submit an application; Invasive weeds: although likely too late at this point, trustees to address a couple of healthy patches of dandelion and Creeping Charlie in the cemetery.

New Business:  

  1. Per Wanda, her relatives Gloria and Clifford Fenske want two cemetery plots. Emilie will talk to Wanda.  

  2. Bonfire:  Last Sunday in August, game night and bonfire night!

  3. Pastor has a Fall fest theme:   New Life in Christ

  4. Church Star-up plan:   Clean railings and back of pews, sit pews apart, tables for bulletins and a basket for offering, sharing of the peace: stand and wave, Potential May24? 

Closed with the Lord’s Prayer.


Respectfully submitted by Lori Loomis