“But blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear. For I tell you the truth, many prophets and righteous people longed to see what you see but did not see it, and to hear what hear but did not hear it.” Matthew 13: 16 and 17 “I will open my mouth in parables, I will utter things hidden since the creation of the world.” Psalm 78:2 “Tell me a story.” My sister and I grew up with mouse stories at bedtime when we were kids. My mom could usually come up with the adventures of a mouse or a whole family of mice, except when she was tired. We also had stories at the dinner table when supper was over. Those came from a book of Bible stories told simply so kids could understand them. In much of his teaching and preaching to people Jesus told stories. He used everyday images or things people heard about in the news, like a man who was beat up by robbers, or a father whose son had left the farm and gone off to a distant place with half the family fortune, or a housewife who threw a party when she found the money she had lost. Matthew’s Gospel tells that it was disciples who got to hear the explanations of these stories. In fact he said they were specially blessed even more so than the great prophets of the Old Testament like Isaiah or Ezekiel. The disciples got the stories straight from the story -teller. And we also have God’s word directly from Jesus who tells you of his grace and salvation. Martin Luther told how the Holy Spirit gets to work on you through hearing God’s word so that faith is stirred up in your heart and you believe in Jesus and his deep love and grace. Blessed are you because Jesus died and saved you, and keeps telling you of his steadfast love. Rev. Aaron



Alter Flowers


Sandy Ziemann & Cheryl Brugman

Scripture Readers



August 6 Lynette Albrecht

August 13 Vera Bents

August 20 Cassie Albrecht

August 27 Mike Loomis

Support Our Troops

Msgt Gloria Washinton

9608 Monolith Drive NW

Albuquerque, NM 87114


Ben Rettmann

5063 Ulm Avenue

Stewart, MN 55385


Major Dustin Blum

7701 Bretherton Ave NE

Lacey, WA 98516


MM3 Charles Rettig

181 Circular Street

Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Church Cleaning




July 24 - Aug 7 Travis Hansch 

July 31 - Aug 14 Ted & LuAnn Helget

Aug 7 - Aug 21 Martin & Loretta Jaus

Aug 14 - Aug 28 Donald & Racquel Kiecker

August 21 - Sept 4 Arlene Kramer

Aug 28 - Sept 11 Leonard & Becky Krulikosky


*Remember to call the next person on the list! A list of tasks to be completed is located in the church kitchen.


Alter Guild

See Norine Roepke

Acolyte Schedule


April 2: Kaylee

April 9: Dylan

April 16: Milayna

April 23: Kora

April 30: Jessica 

Sermon Notes


Reverend Albrecht from 7-16- 17: (he was referring to the Vatican going “Green” with solar and wind power, and paraphrasing from an article he had read) he looked at each one of us in church as he spoke these words… “We, like the Vatican are small and have God on our side.” It was absolutely powerful. What a moment.

Bonfire - Aug. 27!


We are hosting a Family Friendly Bonfire with hot dogs and smores on August 27 th from 6:30pm to 8:00pm and WE WANT YOU TO INVITE THE WHOLE NEIGHBORHOOD AND ALL OF YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS!

Life Enhancing Opportunities:

Adult Forum on Sunday Mornings at 9AM and Bible Study at 4PM on Wednesday’s . These are the scripture readings for the month of August. August 6: Romans 9:1 - 13, Matthew 14: 13 - 21 August 13: Romans 10:5 - 17, Matthew 14:22 - 33 August 20: Romans 11:1 - 2, 13 - 15, 28 - 32, Matthew 15:21 - 28 August 27: Romans 11:33 - 12:8, Matthew 16:13 - 20

Fall Festival - Sept. 17, 2017

Time to start planning ahead The work assignments for the big day:


Large Group #1 serves: Norine Roepke – Head, George Blum, Alice Brede, Cheryl Brugman, Jodi Busch, Ruth Doerr, Mary Hansch, Carolyn Proehl, Kathy Renner, Wanda Renner, Janice Rose, Marlene Stockmann, Emilie Wildey


Large Group#2 clean up: Arlene Keske – Head, JoAnn Burke, Jim Burmeister, Jacqueline Diepold, Kathy Ewert, LuAnn Helget, Loretta Jaus, Arlene Kramer, Ella Rickheim, Jody Scholla, Jody Uvale, Marcene Witt


Large Group #3 set up: Lori Loomis – Head, Vera Bents, Jody Burmeister, Debbie Draeger Racquel Kiecker, Becky Krulikosky, Adeline Laabs, Carmin Lochner, Missy O’Fallon, Mavis Renner, Rita Roepke, Jan Stockmann, Sandy Zieman


Each family is to bring a pan of bars and please have them cut up for easy serving!

Easter Flowers

  Help brighten the sanctuary as we celebrate Chris's resurrection on Easter Sunday. Consider purchasing and bringing to church an Easter plant of your choosing. Make your selection, bring it to church, and then take it home with you to continue the celebration of Christ's Resurrection throughout the Easter season!