St. Matthew’s, Fernando, MN Safe Practices for worship and gathering at church

We will continue to record the Sunday sermons to be read or listened to, and to get print copies out to those who cannot attend.

First of all we ask anyone who is not feeling well to stay home. Please contact us with your prayer requests.

We will wipe down pews, railings and other surfaces to disinfect before and after services.
At this time we will not be singing the hymns or the liturgy. We can read the liturgy as we sometimes have in the past and we will have one verse played from the hymns so we can briefly pray or meditate or just relax in the peace of Christ.

We will not be Sharing the Peace, although we will have the spoken greeting. “The peace of the Lord be with you always.” “And also with you.”

For offering we will not pass the collection plates but have one set in the back where people can leave their offerings.

The pastor will not be shaking hands with people as they leave the sanctuary.

We will maintain safe distances in the sanctuary. Families can sit together. If we should have enough people that causes us to be closer than is safe people can move to the balcony or hear the message over the intercom in the kitchen.

When we offer Holy Communion we will not gather shoulder to shoulder at the communion rail. We will either carry the bread and wine to the pews where members of the church can pick them up themselves. Or have people line up and come forward one by one to take communion in stations. We may do this by intinction, dipping the bread in the wine in the chalice. We can also bring the bread and wine to people who have trouble walking.